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The Number One Property Valuers In Melbourne

Our firm director has over 20 years experience in valuing property, is a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV), an Associate of the Australian Property Institute (API) and undertakes continuing professional development seminars intended specifically for property valuers.

We receive and further research regularly to obtain the most recent information regarding current property conditions including the property market itself as well as the economy. Subsequently, this important information will be passed to you in the high level property valuation service that AMC Property Valuations aims to provide in Melbourne.


AMC Property Valuers in Melbourne have access to several databases which are updated regularly. As an expert valuation service, we believe that containing an accurate up-to-date database which supports our broad experience will enable us to provide you with a valuation service that not only depicts the value of your property, but also demonstrates the process and reasoning behind the valuation figure. It will be supported by recent market transactions, methods to ascertain value as well as up to date information regarding current market and economic conditions. In turn, AMC Property Valuations Melbourne will provide you enormous confidence in your property related decision.

If you are looking for a property consultant and experienced property valuers in Melbourne, contact us right away.

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